2008 The Order of St John Ambulance Run

2008 The Order of St John Ambulance Run South City Car Park Bath St Entrance Christchurch

2008 The Order of St John Ambulance Run

The Canterbury Branch of the Ulysses Club will again be holding its annual ride in

support of St Johns Ambulance on ANZAC Day and the money raised (less event expenses) will, this year, be donated to the Cust/Oxford Division of St Johns Ambulance www.stjohn.org.nz

We are seeking support from Canterbury business and community and would appreciate any support that you may be able to give us by way of promoting in advance this planned event in the Press. It could also be a newsworthy event on the day.

Our committee members would be happy to be interviewed/photographed prior to the day in our motorcycle gear and alongside or bikes which could give added interest to your viewers. A St Johns Ambulance spokesperson could also be at such an interview. In previous years St Johns Ambulance Charity rides (2005 & 06) raised just over $1800 for the Ellesmere Area St Johns Ambulance. Last year they purchased a first response kit including a defibrillator that is being located at the Southbridge Volunteer Fire Station.

- On the day we will be selling an event badge and raffles - At the destination following the ride/parade there will be a sausage sizzle (Gold coin donation) and a raffle draw - The Cust district museum with a display of local history and that of the pre-war motorcycling NZ Grand Prix meetings, will also be open All motorcycle riders (on their motorcycles), supporters and their families including the general public are being asked to meet at the South City Car Park, Christchurch (using the Bath Street entrance) at 12:30 pm on Anzac Day. The ride/parade - motorcycles, scooters, cars etc will depart for Cust at approximately 1:00pm.

Invitations have been and are currently being posted on various web sites and invitations to various Clubs seeking their and support and attendance for the day have been mailed.

As in previous years the event will be advertised by The Ulysses Club at our expense.

We would very much like to maximise attendance with view to increasing the St Johns Ambulance Cust/Oxford donations.

We along with St Johns Ambulance would be very appreciative any support you may be able to offer. Please do view the above web sites which outline our Club and the activities of St Johns Ambulance.

Further information please contact: Mike Dew (Coordinator) on (03)-359-4949 (evenings) Des Kelly on (03)-324-3852 (evenings) Peter Burke on (03)365-7364(evenings)

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2008 The Order of St John Ambulance Run South City Car Park Bath St Entrance Christchurch

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